hahaha.. :D from the title,, i know you guys will say that i am a bad girl.. but,,
life must go on.. SORRY..

the story started,,,
there is this one guy in my school,, i had admire him since i am in form 1..
but never hve the gut to tell him,, so i just shut up,,
and forget it,, but i am kinda close to him... hmm,, as time goes on,, i thought that my feelings for him had dissapeared,,
BUT,, suddenly,, when i had clashed with my ex,, i kinda get even closer to him,,
i told him about the problem i had with my ex,, he always listen and give his opinion,,
then,, i feel IT again,, the feeligs i had for him since form 1,, kinda come back..
there is this one day,, my phone abeh batery,, (hehehh) i ask him if ican borrow his phone,,
he says "yes." and that's all it takes to make my heart melts like ice-cream on a hot day..
argh!! i am so falling for him,, BUT,,
there is ONE TINY (BIG) problem..
he like somebody else.. :( it hurts me to know that..
but,, my friends said that the grl she likes doesn't like her,, but like her own friend..
(sounds like a good opportunity for me to win his heart, right??)
hehhe,, :3
so i started to woo him,, (seems like a bad girl, right?? :<)
huhuhu,,, i have to.. :(
hmm,, it seems to work,, heheh,,
and.... FINALLY..
i have GOT his heart!!! yeay me!!! :)
i am so damn happy..
heheh.. :3
alhamdulillah,, i think HE is my MR. RIGHT.. :)
i hope so lah..

to him : saya sayang awak sangat2!! saya harap awak boleh terima saya seadanya.. saya tak nak ad rahsia apa2 pon antara kita,, saya harap awak percaya kat saya macam mana saya percaya kat awak...
abg,, me love you!! me miss you!! 4669!! :*

heheh.. :3
korang tolong aku bolleh??
tolong doakan hubungan aku ngan dy kekal eh..
terima kaseh!! :)

picturing me and him :3

aina sofiya

heart breaking news.. :(

on the date : 14th april 2012..

my boyfriend and i broke up,,  but in good way though,,
i think.. but it's okay.. we are still friends now..
GOOD friends :)
for EVERYTHING,... :)


aina sofiya